Planning a Kitchen Renovation?  Consider These Cool Storage Hacks


A kitchen renovation is a monumental project….with hundreds of decisions and materials and gadgets to consider, storage is one element that cannot be overlooked.  The internet if full of cool ideas on how to store kitchen stuff in really clever ways.  These are my 5 favorite kitchen storage hacks, that I plan to put in place for my own upcoming kitchen remodel!

Kitchen Storage Hack #1 - Pull Out Pet Bowl Drawer

For all you pet lovers out there - I bet you don’t love kicking your dogs water bowl and dog food all over your kitchen floor.  Me either.  A handy drawer that neatly houses pet food and water is an awesome space saver, and keeps your kitchen looking tidy. 

Kitchen Storage Hack #2 - Cutting Board Cubby

I’ve recently been designing a kitchen for a client, and we are going to incorporate a custom cubby to store her wood cutting boards.  I think it’s a great looking accent, whether installed horizontally above a built-in microwave at the island, or vertically at the end of a bank of cabinetry.

Kitchen Storage Hack #3 - Pull Out Cutting Board

I think this kitchen storage idea is so neat!  The task of chopping veggies wouldn’t be so tedious in this kitchen.  The cutting board is installed directly over the trash can, with a small cutout to brush away all the trash. Smart!

Kitchen Storage Hack #4 - Built-In Paper Towel Holder

Kitchen counter space is prime real estate, and a roll of paper towels isn’t the prettiest item to take up space.  I love the idea of installing a built-in paper towel holder into custom cabinets.  It keeps the roll out of sight, but very handy for daily cleanup.

Kitchen Storage Hack #5 - Spice Drawer

Now this photo is absolutely styled, but ooh la la.  A spice drawer drawer has to be every cooks dream!  This storage drawer could be installed near or under the stove, and I love how organized all of the identical spice jars look.  And, you would easily know when the nutmeg is running low.