Tips for Accessorizing Open Shelves

A common challenge I hear from my clients is the dreaded task of accessorizing their open shelves. Beautifu open l built-ins in a living room seemed like a delightful feature at first, until the time approaches to style them out, and then forget it! Where do you start? How do you know you’ve gotten it right? I’ve had a lot of practice with accessorizing shelves, and found a few basic guidelines that will aide the process a bit.

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If you’ve followed along with this blog for a bit, you are aware that my husband and I purchased and renovated our home (it was flooded by Hurricane Harvey) in Houston, TX in 2018 - we lovingly called the project “Studio L Place to Dwell.” I revealed the “after” of our remodel, but have yet to show you any of the furnished rooms! We have paused for awhile to catch our breath after last years project, but I have now started to put together my dream design plans for the rooms that need new furnishings. Starting with the master bedroom - a space I am hoping will be serene, restful and a bit eclectic.

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I have a doozy of a transformation to share with you today! My client’s home in Bellaire, TX was unfortunately flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We used that awful event as an opportunity to start fresh and rethink the entire design of the home - they wanted to modernize and streamline the very traditional and dated bones of the space. The “California Modern” aesthetic was our style goal….and the starting point was much more Tuscan Traditional. Let’s take a look at the stairwell, living room, and study “before.”

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Ready for another behind-the-scenes look at how a project transforms and comes to life? Today I’m sharing a residence I worked on in the beautiful Memorial area of Houston, TX. The great homeowners had recently purchased this awesomel new home, and gave me a call because their living room, breakfast room, and dining room were going to be a blank slate once they moved in. They were at the point of overwhelm….having no idea where to start and what to focus on.

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Is Red Back in 2019?

I do realize there is a strong chance that the title of this blog post peaked your curiosity with a strong undertone of HORROR.  You burned your Burgundy drapes from the 90’s!  You sold every red Kirkland’s accessory you owned so long ago!  You swore off the shade of red and vowed to never return!

When I meet with new clients and we are discussing their style, I always ask “what colors would you love to see in your new space” and conversely “what colors would you not like to see?”  Nine out of 10 times, the client says “well of course I don’t want any red.”  And I do understand - in the past decade we have been bombarded with mostly neutrals, and grays, and cool tones - with not a speck of red in sight.  

The trend I’m expecting to grow in 2019 is not a true candy apple red, necessarily.  I do believe that WARMER colors will be making a strong showing this year - warm whites, warm grays and taupes, and yes, warm neutral tones with RED undertones.  I’m talking terracotta!  Let’s take a look.  

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