Snob-Free Interior Design


Have you ever seen the TV show Million Dollar Decorator?  It was on Bravo a few years ago, and it was a RIOT.  It followed several celebrity designers in California, and showcased their lifestyle, process, and challenges of working on HIGH dollar projects, often with celebrity clients.  All of the interior designers were extremely well-dressed, fancy, polished, and said the word “darling” in their everyday conversations.  Darling!  Their project budgets were sky high, and they could literally buy anything for a project with no second thought to the price tag.  It was so over the top, and I absolutely loved watching such an outlandish and entertaining show.

But, when you think of a real life interior designer, is this the type of person that comes to mind: a well-dressed, polished, fancy person that spends money frivolously on throw pillows and candlesticks?  A person that is too intimidating to actually invite into your own home, because well, maybe they are a bit snobby?

I think this is a common misconception about interior design - if you hire a designer, they could be snobby.  And it’s one that I find far from the truth!  One of my personal mottos as a designer is Snob-Free Interior Design.  It’s kind of a funny phrase, but it means a lot to me.  Interior Designers really do span a very wide spectrum in the types of services offered, design fees, personalities, and snob-factor.  And the truth is, you can find an interior designer that aligns well with your comfort level in budget, personality, and style.  

My stand in supporting snob-free-interior-design has nothing to do with a lack of a quality product or service.  It does, however, explain my belief in a more down-to-earth and personable approach, as well as the fact that I probably won’t use the word “darling” every in my life.  I want to connect with my clients on a personal level, and never want them to feel not good enough or not “fancy” enough to work with me.  I want to make my clients feel like they truly deserve a well designed home, and I want to help them along in that process, and have them feel comfortable and excited about the end result!

If you have been considering bringing a designer into your home, but you have resisted because of your fear of snobby judgment - reach out to me!  I would love to have a conversation with you about your goals for your home, and I can explain my structured approach to delivering  a livable, beautiful interior that is suited perfectly for you.  Head to my contact page and send me a note! 

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