Project: Studio L Place to Dwell - Progress Updates


For the sake of "keeping it real" - the blog image for today's post is the best representation of our house renovation for the past few weeks.  Stacks of drywall, dust, and debris - not very glamorous, but all very necessary.  It's easy to get a little impatient during this phase of a renovation - none of the progress is pretty or fun to look at, but it is all sooo important. 

Plumbing and electrical decisions have to be made during this early phase, even when a gorgeous faucet or sparkling light fixture will not be ready to install for a long while. However, when you have been looking at open framing since the first time you laid eyes on a house, the day that drywall starts going up feels like Christmas!  The rooms truly start taking shape and the visualization of what's to come is much easier.

So, I've compiled all of my recent Instagram Stories "Progress Report" videos into this longer video below - which is so fun for me to look back on now!  We have acome a long way.  The "unpretty" work is almost done, and the good stuff is coming so very soon!  

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