Project: Studio L Place to Dwell - Laundry & Powder Bathroom Design Plan


Thank goodness I've committed to documenting the design process of this home renovation here on the blog - because oh-my-word the blog "deadlines" are forcing me to kick it into design overdrive! If you've ever lived through any kind of renovation, big or small, you know that there are about 17,000 small decisions that must be made.  I'm trying to stay ahead of that decision overwhelm phase, and have all of my design ducks in a row, by the time my contractor is ready to implement.  But wow, it's a lot.

So this week I'm sharing the design plan for the laundry room and powder room.  They might seem like small insignificant spaces that could be an afterthought, but here's why I think both are important:

- I'll be passing through the laundry room every single day.  Multiple times a day. Aside from doing laundry, it's the room you enter first from the garage, and I don't want to walk into a depressing, ugly, utilitarian-only space.  

- When working on powder bathrooms for client projects, I always try to push the client to do something daring (wallpaper!) that they love, but would be too afraid to try in any other room.  It's the perfect space for a wow-moment, without a major nail-biting commitment. I want to do the same in our house!

So take a look below at the laundry room and powder bathroom design boards - do you think I'm pushing the design far enough??? I still have time to make changes!


And per usual, I've filmed a quick video tour of the 3D rendering, to help give context for these design plans.  I'd love to know your thoughts on the powder room wallpaper especially - do you LOVE it?  Or think I could find better??? Leave me a comment - I'll always respond. :)

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