Project: Studio L Place to Dwell - Kitchen Design Plan


Welcome back!  I appreciate so many of you reaching out with 'congratulations' for our new home project!  If you missed the initial home tour video, you can check it out here.  Also be sure to follow me on Instagram for almost daily renovation updates - @studioLinteriordesign

The renovation is definitely moving full steam ahead - the electrical and plumbing work are both wrapping up today, insulation will go in late this week, and sheetrock will start going up next week!  

In the meantime, I've had to hustle to put together the design plan for the major spaces:  kitchen, master bathroom, guest bathroom, powder bathroom and laundry room.  

Throughout the years while working on design projects for clients, as I've come across things I love, I file them in my brain under: I want to use that in my own house someday.  So, I had a good direction and overall vision for the house, but finding each and every component to fit that vision AND fit the budget, takes a bit more time!

I've decided to start with the kitchen design, as most call it the heart of the home.  All along, I knew I wanted a fresh white kitchen, but not something to sterile and boring so mixed metals and finishes are important.  I think I'm most excited about the backsplash - this photo below in the design board does not do it justice!  

Here are the elements I plan to incorporate in the kitchen:


If you would like any additional information on the kitchen selections above, check out the links below that will take you directly to shop the items on the design board, and I also included the appliances! 

Now, I understand that most people can look at a design board and like what they see, but it is still a bit impossible to envision those design elements actually in a space.  So, I've drawn up a 3D rendering of the kitchen, and applied all of the finishes directly into the drawing, to help the design come to life.  I will be creating more of these 3d video tours for the rest of the house, to show the design plan throughout. Happy viewing!