My Favorite Current Design Shows


Ok let’s start of with 2 disclosures:  

  1. Yes, I am asked A LOT:  “Oh, you’re a designer - do you watch the HGTV shows?”  And I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I don’t really love HGTV.  I think the shows can be a bit cheesy and unrealistic. 

  2. One of my 2019 Goals (not “resolutions”….but “goals” :) was to limit my television consumption to 1 hour per day.  Most weekdays, I watch about 30 minutes of TV, but on the weekends - oh the binge watching is on!  

So I’ve put together a list of a few interior design related shows that I have watched and enjoyed recently.  


This show is hosted by Interior Designer Genevieve Gorder (do you remember her from Trading Spaces?) and her real estate counterpart, Peter Lorimer.  The concept of the show (on Netflix) is a little different, as each episode they are in a different city, meeting with someone who has been struggling with profiting from a rental property/Air BNB that they own.  So, after assessing the current state of the space, Genevieve does an interior transformation, and Peter assists with marketing and experiences for the rental.  They do document a good portion of the design process, and to me is interesting to see how the design can affect the rental’s bottom line.  


Ok, Sweet Home on Bravo is definitely a bit scripted and silly, but there is good design content on this show as well.  It is a design/reality show hybrid that follows the life and business of Oklahoma City Interior Designer, Jennifer Welch.  She runs a design firm with 3 employees, and it shows the shenanigans that take place during her design projects, and in her personal life.  I like watching to see how she runs her business and interacts with her clients.  Each episodes chronicles a different design project, so you get a really great story about the before and after.  She also gives some sound design advice on every episode!  Her design aesthetic is modern, clean, with pops of color and sometimes glam.


And finally, I have recently watched Get a Room with Carson and Thom, also on Bravo.  You might recognize this pair from the original Queer Eye show.  Carson is hilarious and outlandish - I think he is mainly on the show for his wit and humor.  Carson has paired up with Thom Filicia, a renowned Interior Designer in New York City.  I have admired Thom’s work for years, so I really enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look (although definitely scripted) on how he approaches design, client relationships, and installs.  Each episode documents 2 different projects they take on in the NYC area, of of course, there is always drama with a tight budget and impossible timelines.  Somehow, they always pull it off with just pennies to spare - the magic of TV :). The before and afters on this show are awesome though - I would describe Thom as a maximalist designer.  He really layers a lot of pattern, color, and vibrancy in unexpected ways - and the spaces are always super stylish and fun.  Give this one a try!

Let me know if you are a fan of any of these recent design shows - leave me a comment below.  And, are there any must-sees that I have missed?!

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