Is Red Back in 2019?


I do realize there is a strong chance that the title of this blog post peaked your curiosity with a strong undertone of HORROR.  You burned your Burgundy drapes from the 90’s!  You sold every red Kirkland’s accessory you owned so long ago!  You swore off the shade of red and vowed to never return!

When I meet with new clients and we are discussing their style, I always ask “what colors would you love to see in your new space” and conversely “what colors would you not like to see?”  Nine out of 10 times, the client says “well of course I don’t want any red.”  And I do understand - in the past decade we have been bombarded with mostly neutrals, and grays, and cool tones - with not a speck of red in sight.  

The trend I’m expecting to grow in 2019 is not a true candy apple red, necessarily.  I do believe that WARMER colors will be making a strong showing this year - warm whites, warm grays and taupes, and yes, warm neutral tones with RED undertones.  I’m talking terracotta!  Let’s take a look.  


If you are hating this terracotta idea, well at least it’s a fresh substitute to “milennial pink” or “blush.”  We’ve all had enough of that one, right?!  Terracotta on walls might sound extreme, but I think it’s a really earthy and inviting tone, if used in the correct space.  I particularly like it in the first photo above - paired with the cool traditional stone mantle and traditional artwork.  It’s an unexpected wall color that gives a great contrast.


If this terracotta trend intrigues you, a great way to dip your toe into the trend is with small accessory type furnishings - maybe terracotta is in a great piece of art, or a velvet throw pillow for your sofa.  Terracotta really does a good job of adding depth, and again, so much warmth to spaces that would be otherwise a bit sterile or bland.  


The beautiful kitchens and baths above are soaked in terracotta colors or materials, and you must admit that it gives a very specific “vibe.”  I think it works very well in modern spaces with quirky or organic elements paired with it.  Although the terracotta color isn’t my personal favorite, I do love that all of these spaces have really committed to a rich warm hue, and they don’t have the cookie-cutter look like so many bland spaces on the web these days.

So, what do you think?  Is 2019’s version of red speaking to you…..or, are you absolutely horrified!  Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Lauren ThomasComment