The Color Trend that Even You Can Pull Off!


The day of sugary heart candies, handmade love notes, and fluffy bouquets of aromatic roses is approaching quickly!  Valentine’s Day is basically a celebration of all things pink and romantic, but have you ever considered using a valentine-friendly color in your own home? There is definitely such a color on the list of current trends - the design gurus call it “Millennial Pink!”   Honestly, anything with the “millennial” label is usually a turnoff for me, but this shade of pink can be so sophisticated and soft. 

Millennial Pink has been trending for well over a year now, being so apparent in fashion, it has crossed over big time into home furnishings…and I don’t think the color trend is losing steam anytime soon!  It is not only for nurseries or little pretty princess girly rooms - this color is popping up all over sophisticated adult living spaces.

The key to using millennial pink (or can we please call it blush pink?!) is inserting it only in small doses, as it does make a strong impact.  Less is definitely more!  You don’t want to overdo blush - your space will become too sugary sweet and feminine.  It works so well in modern spaces with clean lines and backdrops of neutral textures.  If you have a living room with a mainly neutral palette, you might only need 1 blush pink throw pillow and a piece of modern art with a dash of rosy blush. Or, in a simple neutral bedroom, consider a modern table lamp with a light blush base - it casts the most beautiful glow. And in the dining room, you could layer in a blush salad plate on top of your daily white dishes, for a pop of fun color that is not overly bright.

I’ve gathered several home furnishing items below if you want to dip your toe into the blush pink pond.  My favorite blush pink home items are always simple in shape - and lean to the more modern/clean design sensibilities.  Click through my favorites below, and leave me a comment about your favorite millennial pink home item - or share this blog post with your friend that is a pink-fanatic (we all know one! :)

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