As a born-and-raised Houstonian (and let's be honest - a born-and-rasied shopper) I've had years to scout out the best and worst Houston shopping locations. And because sourcing furniture and home decor is a huge part of my day job, I thought it would be helpful to list my favorite local Houston shopping hotspots.  There are many more that I could add to my list, but these are my top 5 favorite shopping spots for finding outstanding furniture and home decor.

Houston’s Best Furniture & Home Decor Shopping - #1 HIGH FASHION HOME

3100 Travis St, Houston, TX 77006


Let’s start with the largest shopping spot on the list.  This store is HUGE - I’m talking a multi-level warehouse type building, with thousands of square feet for you to shop!  So if you are easily overwhelmed, then you should ease your way into High Fashion Home.  They truly carry the best in every home furnishing category!  They offer a massive selection of interior fabrics, furniture, artwork, lighting, accessories - you name it.  High Fashion Home is also well organized - you will shop various interior design styles and departments by floor.  The store is well merchandised and has beautiful vignettes that are great for inspiration.  High Fashion Home offers furniture and home decor at a vast array of price points.  If you are shopping for furniture and home decor in Houston, TX - High Fashion Home is a must visit!

Houston’s Best Furniture and Home Decor Shopping - #2 LAM BESPOKE

2032 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098


When I think of Lam Bespoke, one word comes to mind - sophistication.  They sell a highly curated and lovely furniture and home decor, that is an elegant mix of traditional with soft contemporary pieces.  Lam Bespoke is set up entirely of home vignettes, so you can easily visualize how a piece of furniture or home decor could work itself into your own room.  They also sell lovely throw pillows, artwork, and accessories.  Lam Bespoke has frequent sales, and their staff is always incredibly helpful.  

Houston’s Best Furniture and Home Decor Shopping - #3 THE GUILD SHOP

2009 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006


The Guild Shop is my absolute favorite consignment store in all of Houston.  They have a huge inventory of consigned furniture, home decor, artwork, dish ware, accessories, and more more more!  If you are looking for a quirky, one-of-a-kind piece - The Guild Shop is the shopping destination for you!  I shop here when I am working on a project that needs something charming, vintage, and authentic.  Part of shopping at the Guild Shop that is fun - they reduce the items’ pricing by date, which is easily shown on all price tags.  The Guild Shop is a fun shopping experience that is all about the thrill of the hunt. They do have unusual store hours, so check online before heading their way.

Houston’s Best Furniture and Home Decor Shopping - #4 MECOX

3912 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027


If you are looking to be inspired by an eclectic mix of furniture and home decor - Mecox is the place for you!  Mecox has impeccable visual merchandising.  They mix antiques with modern with whimsical with vintage flawlessly.  The entire shopping experience is always aspirational for me.  The store will never look the same from visit to visit - the inventory is constantly changing and showcases jaw-dropping pieces.  Most of their furniture and home decor is higher end, but you can absolutely find some steals if you are a bargain hunter.  If you want your home to have an original flair and stand out from the crow, you must visit Mecox in Houston.

Houston’s Best Furniture and Home Decor Shopping - #5 KUHL LINSCOMB

2424 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098


Another Houston furniture and home decor institution is Kuhl Linscomb.  Their storefront seems rather unassuming, until you enter a maze of charming buildings that offer more inventory than you could ever imagine.  Kuhl Linscomb carefully selects all of their vendors - you will find manufacturers and product lines here that you won’t see anywhere else.  The shopping experience here is another one that could last for hours, and is always inspiring.  

Those are my 5 favorite home furniture and decor shopping destinations in Houston.  Have you visited any or all of the above?  Or did I leave any of your favorites off of the list?  Let me know in the comments below - I love hearing from you!

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