Bed Head

Injecting creativity into every nook and cranny of your house probably seems DAUNTING, and only a task that the wizards on Pinterest can pull off.  So let's bite off something manageable....your bedding!  Of course, there are endless fantastic combinations, but if you start with a few tried-and-true formulas, you will keep yourself from becoming so overwhelmed.  Therefore, you will actually be able to sleep.  Crazy how that works.

First of all, this fantastic infographic shows fantastic pillow arrangements to get you out of your personal rut!  This is one of those gems of goodness you might have seen on Pinterest.  We all tend to stick with one tried-and-true pillow combination, so use this as inspiration to change things up.  Even use throw pillows from your living room, to inject new life into your bedding.

First of all, this pup is beyond cute.  Secondly, the basic white bedding foundation is one of my FAVORITE solutions.  A crisp white bed is clean, crisp, inviting, bleachable, and the perfect backdrop for all kinds of crazy accents.  On it's own, this white duvet and shams are fine, but with these cleverly mixed geometric and floral accent pillows, this bed has serious style.  The white bedding foundation is so perfect for the gal that can't make up her mind - switch out your accent pillows on the regular, and things never get boring.

I call this one the "boho mix."  Patterns that you might not think of working together, together!  This looks is relaxed and shows that you can confidently mix without matching everyone else on the block.  There is no "bed in a bag" look here!  Stick with a general color story (here they did blue, white and red) and then mix to your heart's content!

Here's a successful example when less is more.  Rocking the basic white foundation, all these twin beds need are 2 decorative pillows!  The bold check makes the loudest statement, while the smaller monogrammed accent pillow adds a custom flair.  And nothing else is needed.  Now isn't that nice!  

Can you tell I love a white bed?  I also love TEXTURE.  With still just a few pillows, the differing textures in each layer of bedding makes this monochromatic look feel cozy and inviting.  If everything MATCHED here, the result would not be the same.  You can stick with a single color, but play up the textural differences and you won't be disappointed.

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