fearlessly colorful

color makes the world go round.  oh wait, that's not the saying?  regardless, i can't emphasize enough that every person living in any kind of dwelling should inject SOME ounce of color SOMEWHERE.  

i understand the common fear of making color mistakes, or not knowing what dosage of color is correct?  let's take a look at these examples of color in the best way.

I absolutely love this idea.....painting the inside of your front door.  genius!  This is a fantastic way to inject a fun color in an otherwise drab entryway.  A quick coat of paint quickly and economically transformed this space.  Brilliantly blue.

Another true blue idea!  Are you supremely scared of messing up with color in your main living spaces?  Well you could take a color risk in the closet, right?  Injecting a pop of color in this tucked away space is for the color-phobic.  But I think the outcome just might convert you.

This room is neutral....the rug, the wall color, the stool.  However, by upholstering this darling chair in a splashy color, the space truly comes to life.  Wouldn't you imagine the person that lives here is confident?  Power in color!

Did you ever imagine that pink could have an edge?  The proof is in the pudding.  The eclectic mix of furnishings in this room is basic and neutral, but 1 small dose of a  powerful pink pouf and bam!  Instant color cool.

White walls might be thought of as institutional and blasé, but they are truly the perfect backdrop for painted pieces.  A kelly green console looks so fresh and cheerful in this space.  One dose of color here, and you're good to go.

Lauren ThomasComment