the launch of studio L

welcome! and THANK YOU for visiting the studio L………first blog post ever! This has been such an exciting time for me – building this business from the ground up and having the opportunity to create something i truly love.

being a beginner blogger, i have been quite nervous to regularly “expose” myself to the cyber/blog world, thinking “who wants to read about this stuff?” well, i know there are gabillions of creative-minded people that scour the internet for the newest design morsels. i hope you stick with me, as i attempt to report on the people/places/things that inspire me on a daily basis.

as for the image above, i wanted to keep it light on our first entry. let me explain. as i have been editing and creating my website and blog, i presume i have stared at the letter “L” for entirely too many hours. (you see, it’s part of my business name). as i pondered over the inaugural image for this post, i found it appropriate the pay homage to my roots. i must admit, i’ve always boasted in the fact that my name begins with the letter L. is there any other capital cursive letter more elegant? nay, nay. a quick google image search for the letter L unearthed an endless collection of typography nirvana. thus my inspiration: a symbol so mundane can be transformed a million times over. how can an intersection of 2 lines appear fresh and interesting upon slight (or extreme) manipulation? moral of this wordy story: don’t forget to pay attention to the everyday details that you likely ignore – your creativity can turn them into, well…….anything.

(cue the inspirational tune)