shape up

obtuse, acute, radius, circumference – remember all those geometry terms?  well i’m happy to report that they now have relevance for the first time since your 10th grade geometry class.  browse any design mag, and you’ll quickly discover the prevalence of geometry in design.  shapes as a design motif can occur in endless forms:  a pattern itself, furniture design, accessory placement, the room’s inherent architecture, repetition of elements, art, etc.  while shapes are forms that comprise basically anything, a tried-and-true design scheme is to employ the power of geometry.  think about a stark, contemporary space – where basic shapes are stripped down and provide the only visual interest in a room.  if you’re more of a “straight laced” person, you’d probably be drawn to stripes, square patterns, and hard-edged rectangular furniture.  more of a feminine romantic approach?  soft, rounded edges and gentle slopes of lines.  shapes themselves communicate a room’s overall style.  thank goodness for this lesson, a pop quiz won’t be issued tomorrow.

Lauren ThomasComment