pinterest, you temptress!

so i thought i was crafty before.  i thought i was somewhat thrifty and resourceful when it comes to diy projects and such.  pinterest showed me that i am a DIY loser and there are THOUSANDS of superior crafters out there in the blogosphere.  if you don’t know what pinterest is……i consider you somewhat lucky.  this devious temptress of a site lures me in at all hours of the night, gawking over the infinite creative uses for coffee filters,  white vinegar, burlap, mod podge, etc.  aside from its addictive powers, pinterest is an awesome place to find inspiration and amazing diy projects!  i love that it has stirred my creativity and motivated to think oh-so-outside the box.  in fact, several pinterest inspired projects have decked my halls for this holiday season.  check out these photos for pinterest inspired projects, and then my personal holiday interpretations.  happy crafting.

Lauren ThomasComment