brooch approach

let’s go back…………2004.  i can remember getting ready in my sophomore dorm room, primping for the night and adorning my outfit with the hottest statement accessory. that’s right, the brooch.  upon a buying frenzy at charming charlie, i had acquired a collection of baubles in my jewelry box that any girl would drool over.  did i say jewelry box?  i mean brooch graveyard.  the trend was instantly over, and my pin-on pieces were history.  WAIT FOR IT………until now.  dust off your dated duds and hit the living room.  yes, use old jewlery – be it brooches, a single earring, pendant, hair accessory, whatever and get crafty.  easily attach to a bland throw pillow and you’ve got yourself a rebirth.  or a rebrooch.  check it.

Lauren ThomasComment