think pink?

while skimming “the nate berkus show” today, i was plain tickled to see the show’s theme was all about embracing PINK.  (how fitting for the DIY project i had up my sleeve….*teaser*)  the always ridiculous fashion designer isaac mizrahi babbled on and on about the subtleties/intricacies/powers of the rosy hue.  (he also was describing his own design aesthetic and said something to the effect of – “i like things that are minimal but also very maximal.”  mmm-hmm.) despite his on-again-off-again fake british accent, i happen to agree with the miz on this detail.  pink screams HAPPY!  FUN!  I’M A REAL GIRL!  i also happen to find it extremely calming and oh-la-la chic.

so, let’s look at this easy and cheap DIY project to inject a bit of PINK into your favorite space!

make your own coral art:


  • coral (i found mine at Marshall’s in the home goods section)  $14.99
  • 1 shadow box frame (ikea) $29.99
  • 1/2 yard fabric of choice (ikea) $7.00/yd
  • fabric scissors
  • hot glue gun/sticks
  • iron
  • spray adhesive

step 1

  • remove matte from frame and lay out flat over fabric.  cut fabric down to leave a 1” border around entire matte

step 2

  • iron fabric

step 3

  • set matte on top of pressed fabric.  pull tightly as you start with the exterior edges of the matte, and use the hot glue gun to adhere.  on the corners, fold edges under (like you are wrapping a present).

step 4

  • use your scissors to puncture a hole in the center portion of the fabric.  cut diagonal lines right to the corners of the interior edges of the matte.  trim out any excess fabric, and glue down to the matte.  don’t worry too much about making things neat on the back of your matte!
  • step 5
    • using your frame backing material (preferably white – as in photo), take your piece of coral (or whatever item you like!) and use spray adhesive to apply the coral in the center.  you can use your fabric matte as a guide
    • step 6
      • once adhesive has dried and your coral has set, reassemble the frame parts, frame, hang and enjoy!