smart art

first things first – there are NO rules when it comes to displaying art in your space.  choose pieces/items/images/painting/sketches/junk that are meaningful to you, and find a way to highlight their best assets.  below are a few tips and methods to find your arranging style, and get going.

  1.  create a backdrop

if you want a way to create a cohesive look for an otherwise diverse collection of pieces, consider painting a “backdrop” for the grouping.  it unifies each piece, and creates an important “look at this stuff” moment in any room.


       2. top shelf

this method is one of my personal favorites, because it creates a curated, collected, and transitional feel – at any time you can switch around all of the artwork in your space and get a totally new vibe.  perk:  no tools/measuring/nail holes.  only a surface/table/shelf/ledge required.  you can’t mess this one up.  tip:  layer a few pieces – looks more authentic.


      3. to the window, to the wall.

get low, get low.  who said you can’t hang art below eye level, or above eye level, for that matter?  by hanging your beloveds from base trim to crown – you really CAN have a space this hip.  hop.  hooray!


      4.  straight talk

three pretty frames hung all in a row.  probably your comfort zone…..BUT check out these pics that play on the traditional path. ever considered a huge graphic grid?  rectilinear homage?


5. color me good

an oldie but a goodie.  unify your grouping using color – either color of frames, of the art itself, or even the mattes.


6. let’s get together

no need to have perfect, rigidly 3” spaced identical frames.  mash together an assortment of shapes to create a grouping that is truly together. have a haphazard hand.