i’m obsessed with paper…sorry earth

it’s not as bad as it sounds.  luckily, the paper i am referring to has all been reclaimed/reused/recycled – no fresh tree cuttings here!  my collection of vintage wrapping paper was acquired a few years ago as i was treasure hunting in my grandmother’s basement.  among the piles of dusty luggage, 50-year-old “baby” dolls, and ping pong paddles, i uncovered the most beautiful sight.  my grandmother, being a collector of sorts, had saved scraps and remnants of wrapping paper over many years.  this is not your average wrapping paper – vintage paper is  delicate, fragile, and a true work of art.  by batting my “i’m such a good grand-daughter” lashes, the stack of delight made it home with me and rested in my “I LOVE THIS STUFF” drawer.  nuts?  of course.  i’m one of those that cherishes and collects amazing stationary, notes, cards…..all of it.  USE this stuff?  never.  however, after watching a horrific episode of ‘hoarders’ i knew the special drawer needed a cleaning and that i could put these dreamy prints to good use by creating my own cards.  my favorite thing – combining things that i love in an unordinary way.  Here are some examples of the cards i’ve created thus far.  want to DIY?  search etsy.com and ebay.com for vintage wrapping papers and get to hoarding.  i mean creating.