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Located in Houston, Texas, Studio L Interior Design is dedicated to creating original interiors for every type of client.  

The underlying mission of Studio L is to provide clientele with superb service, original ideas, professional and prompt attention, and delivering one-of-a-kind interiors to suit a variety of tastes.  Studio L specializes in residential interior design projects and project management in the greater Houston area.

Licensed as an Interior Designer in the State of Texas, Lauren Thomas of Studio L comes equipped with a breadth of interior design experience, a B.S. in Interior Design, as well as membership in professional organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers. With access to all local vendors and trade professionals, Studio L consistently delivers imaginative interiors and spaces that are uniquely customized to fit you.

Lauren's innate eye for design does not limit itself with interiors – her love of fashion, DIY projects, architecture, travel, and music all contribute to Studio L's ability to customize every project to the uniqueness of every client.